Thanksgiving Turkeys

Pasture Raised and Fed 100% organic grains, corn & soy free.


Turkey Poults Life Before Pasture

Turkey poults are a bit more fragile than broiler chicks during the first few weeks of life in the brooder, but once you get them to about 5 or 6 weeks old they are tough as nails. While in the brooder we supplement their organic grain ration with a wide variety of whole foods including hard boiled eggs for extra protein, cull melons, cucumbers and other produce from the garden and buckets full of clovers and grasses.

Moving to Pasture

How we keep our Thanksgiving Turkeys foraging on fresh pasture.

One of our favorite farm tasks is moving the young poults out to pasture for the first time and watching their curiosity as they explore their new home.  We usually do this around 5 or 6 weeks old once their feathers have really started coming in and they are ready to face the elements.

The rest of their days on the farm are spent pecking, scratching, foraging for bugs and enjoying daily tractor moves and weekly moves of the larger electric netting paddocks.  Turkeys raised out on pasture in this manner truly taste amazing and will blow the grocery store purchased confinement raised bird out of the water in taste and nutrition.

We employ the same techniques used to raise our broiler chickens on our Thanksgiving turkeys.  They are:

  • Raised outside on pasture and kept on the move to fresh forage.
  • Fed 100% organic grain ration that is corn and soy free.
  • Super moist and delicious when roasted or slow smoked.
    Pasture Raised Turkey