Grass Fed Beef

Raising ruminants exclusively on grass as nature intended.

Our cows are raised on pastures managed organically. They are moved daily to new pasture, this allows them to graze only the top 1/3 of the grasses which is where most of the nutrition is concentrated. This also allows our forage time to regrow and remain strong instead of being overgrazed.  Check out our sample paddock move clip below to see the cows on the move.

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24 hours of impact from cows and sheep.

Our cows are not fed any grain ration, cows are ruminants and are perfectly suited to convert nutritious grasses and forbs into meat and milk. Feeding grain completely changes the cow from a beautiful solar powered mowing meat generator to a fossil fuel consuming environmental catastrophe. Properly managed grass fed cows result in more nutritional meat with properly balanced omega-3 to omega-6 ratios.

In a natural herd setting cows remain bunched together tightly as a defense against predators and they are continually on the move in search of fresh forage. This is exemplified by the enormous North American bison herds that built the deep prairie topsoil of the great plains (which is currently being abused by industrial agriculture and washed down the Mississippi river to the Gulf of Mexico). On our farm temporary electric polywire is the predator that keeps the cows bunched and moving in the same manner.

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