Grass Fed and Finished Lamb

100% Grass Fed Nutrient Dense Lamb. Great for our soils and your health.


In April 2020 we decided to dive into grass fed lamb and started out with a flock of 16 Katahdin/Dorper cross hair sheep.  We were drawn to hair sheep for their low maintenance requirements and high parasite resistance.  We knew that we did not want to use routine dewormers and wanted to select animals that would thrive on our low input grass based farming methods.  Another big plus for this breed is there is no annual shearing chore required since their winter coat just naturally sheds off.

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Flerd Management

Currently we are running the cows and sheep together as a single mob of ruminants (flock of sheep plus herd of cows = flerd). This simplifies our daily routine and minimizes the amount of fence we have to move. The sheep also complement the cows well and utilize the pasture better since both species prefer a different selection of plants and grazing height.