September 2020 - Thanksgiving Turkeys, Chicken Tractor Construction

September 17, 2020

Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkeys 2020

Our Thanksgiving turkeys are growing quickly now and enjoying daily tractor moves and weekly paddock moves.  We are grazing them through the swale alleys between our rows of newly planted fruit and nut trees put in this spring.  Owen enjoys helping with the turkeys and our Great Pyrenees Hank is on guard duty for both the turkeys and the broiler chickens.  If you are interested in purchasing a top notch turkey for a nourishing Thanksgiving centerpiece you can purchase one for pickup at This Old Couch Beavercreek, OH a few days prior to Thanksgiving (exact date still to be determined) or home delivery for a $10 flat rate delivery fee if you are within our home delivery zone.  PURCHASE YOUR PASTURE RAISED THANKSGIVING TURKEY HERE

Turkeys on their first day out on pasture

Brooder House Remodel

In order to prepare for our second batch of 300 broiler chickens we had to renovate the brooder house.  It worked very well for a batch of 300 so we are planning to gradually work our way up to see how many chicks we can successfully handle in the brooder.  Our hope is to get to 500 bird batches.


Chicken Tractor Construction

Recently we constructed another 2 chicken tractors to house our broilers and get them out onto pasture as soon as possible.  They ended up out on pasture at about 18 days old this round and we have so far enjoyed less than 2% mortality, they seem to be thriving out on pasture on the 100% organic grain ration that is corn and soy free.  In about another week we will put up the electronet fencing and let them come in and out of the chicken tractors as they wish to give them some more room to forage and roam.     

Ben Wagner
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