October 2020 - In the trenches

November 1, 2020

October has been a busy month trying to prep for winter.  With Dad's help running the trencher we were able to get about 3800 ft of waterline installed with tap points and hydrants periodically located along the length.  This will help simplify our daily moves of the cows and sheep and provide water points to serve the majority of our paddocks.  


We also have kept busy moving turkeys and we took our last batch of broiler chickens to the processor.  Here is a small video clip of our turkeys excited to forage just after moving into a new paddock, this sound is music to my ears.

We still have turkeys available for purchase on our website.  Check out all the details below, share with your friends.


We also welcomed a new farm member.  Ermma has been complaining about being outnumbered by all the boys around.  As if 3 boys, both of us working and trying to build the farm wasn't enough, we decided it was a good time to get a puppy.  What were we thinking?  She is full of energy and likes to splash in the bath water with the boys at night.  Here she is doing chores with Ermma.  

Ben Wagner

September 2020 - Thanksgiving Turkeys, Chicken Tractor Construction

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