November 2022 - Freezer Restock

November 7, 2022

Pasture Raised Turkeys Dayton, OH

The turkeys are still moving about once a week through temporary paddocks. The guard dogs (Hank and Loretta) are doing their job keeping any predators at bay. We could not raise chickens or turkeys the way we do without these dogs, they really earn their keep. They really enjoy all the scraps and leftovers from butchering our own animals for the family and we have been able to keep them on about a 70% raw meat, bones and organs diet. Loretta is about a year and a half old now and we are hoping for a litter of pyrenees pups sometime in the future.

You can check out a quick little clip of the turkeys enjoying a paddock and acting notoriously curious about me sitting down petting the dogs here:

Walk-In Freezer Build

Our walk in freezer is finally installed and working. It took about 8 months after ordering just to get it because of covid delays, then I procrastinated for most of the spring and early summer before finally beginning to excavate the bottom of the barn in order to build forms and pour a concrete pad to build it on. When we trenched in our water line I busted through a drain tile so first order of business was fixing that so I had somewhere to put the extra fill dirt and old manure from the bottom of the barn.

Here are some pictures of the process to get the freezer installed and working.

We are now restocked with grass fed / grass finished beef and lamb.

Ben Wagner

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